My Story

Before you spend any more time looking around, I would like to tell you a little more about myself. I’m a Medical Doctor specialising in weight management, nutrition and fitness.


I am passionate about wellness promotion and derive fulfillment from sharing the lessons learnt on my personal transformation journey, to motivate and enable others to take control of their lives and achieve holistic and sustainable lifestyle change.


Until very recently, I was an obese adult. In fact, I was overweight my entire life. From being “a little podgy” in childhood, to an overweight and self-conscious teenager and eventually an obese adult, I had convinced myself that this was the way I was destined to be. If you find that hard to believe, scroll down to the bottom of this page and see for yourself. By my mid to late twenties, I was tipping the scales at a whopping 110kg!


I felt generally unhealthy, tired and unfairly judged as someone who lacked discipline and self-control. Most importantly, I felt like a hypocrite. As a doctor, I am frequently confronted with the challenge of making my patients realise that various lifestyle induced diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol can be improved, or even prevented through appropriate weight control measures. Believe me when I say that you need to be rather thick-skinned when it’s glaringly obvious that you are unable to follow the advice which you so easily dispense.


I was eager to change and I spent the better part of my adult life trying every fad diet and miracle weight loss supplement I could lay my hands on. I tried it all and I mean EVERYTHING! You could say that I was any weight loss product marketer’s dream client – willing to try anything new, regardless of how absurd it sounded and more than happy squander my hard earned cash for the chance to achieve a seemingly unobtainable goal.


Sadly, the results were always the same. I would usually lose a small amount of weight, only to have my best laid efforts paralysed by cravings and subsequent diet failure. I would always end up putting on more weight than I had originally lost. I felt frustrated and helpless, but even worse was the growing sense of perpetual failure which accompanied all my efforts.


Here’s the really funny part, I was a fully qualified medical doctor, with a postgraduate degree in human genetics and physiology. Surely if anyone understood the science behind it all, it should have been me! I can hear you thinking: “physician, heal thyself!”
Well, this is exactly why the weight loss industry is the multibillion dollar industry that it is. It’s filled with a host of self-proclaimed experts, promoting products that claim to have that one vital ingredient necessary to achieve instantaneous weight loss. Miracle working supplements that promise Hollywood physiques overnight, are sold by the truckload.


Why then do people flock to these products? Quite simply, because change requires a degree of effort. It requires challenging and modifying beliefs and behaviours, which have been developed and engrained over years, whereas most diets and wonder-supplements provide hope of instant transformation in bottle!


6 years ago, I reached a tipping point. I was tired of being conned, I was fed up of failure and I was hellbent on using my scientific background and knowledge to find a solution. I ruthlessly devoured the fitness and nutrition literature to separate fact from fiction and distinguish the methods which deliver lasting results from the empty promises and marketing slogans.


I set out on a journey of self-experimentation, meticulously documenting the effects of various nutritional, supplement and exercise routines. The results are demonstrated in the pictures at the bottom of this page. Not only did I mange to shed the weight, but I have successfully managed to maintain my optimum weight ever since!


I am frequently asked by both clients and colleagues, “how did you do it, what is your secret?” Well, I launched The Wellness Works to answer these questions and to show you that THERE ARE NO SECRETS and that change and sustainable wellbeing is within your reach. I’ve lived everything that I teach. I have and continue to walk the path of physical transformation and I know first hand how challenging and simultaneously rewarding it can be.


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BMedSci (Human Genetics & Physiology) 1999

MBChB 2002

Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSA) 2013